Android SDK Tools Revision 20

Few days ago Google announced new version of Android, Jelly Bean, and in the same moment google released a new SDK for developers in order to use the new features of the OS:

The dependencies for this revision of SDK tools are:

  • Android SDK Platform-tools revision 12 or later.
  • If you are using Eclipse + ADT, you must update ADT plugin to 20.0.0
  • If you are developing outside Eclipse you must have Apache Ant 1.8 or later

General notes about the new revision of SDK tools are below:

  • Added new Device Monitor application
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Google IO 2012 brings us a lot of news

Google IO 2012 is not over, and despite that, there are a lot of news from this conference:

  • New version of android: Jellybean see the light on this meeting, people that see there presentation said that the performance of this new os is better than on ICS, in addition to that there are lot of new services available. Last Thursday a new version of android SDK was released, but I will talk more about this ona new post. A new rom is available for Google nexus phone.
  • Google Nexus 7:Google reveals a new tablet, manufactured by Asus and designed by Google, there are two options for this tablet, 8 GB of internal storage or 16 GB, the price will be around 199 $ for the 8 GB tablet. There new tablet has a 7 inch IPS screen, 1 GB of RAM, and quad processor nvidia tegra 3. It can be bought directly on play store on the US. I’m waiting for the release in Spain ;-)


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Google Books available on Spain

Yesterday we had good news in Spain again by google, we can use google books on our android devices. The price of the books are the same than on Amazon kindle shop, so I guess that the prices are negotiated by all the distributors of Spain.

I try the app on one tablet and is very nice, the main screen is a 3D carousel which include 2 classic books for free and two excerpts that I see on my phone as you can see below this lines.

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Google Maps & Earth Updated

Yesterday Google announced the release of a new version of Google Maps & Google Earth apps, there are some new features:

  • 3D Maps, there are a lot of cities shown on 3D due to photographs taken on 45º of inclination, at the end of year Google hope to reach at least 3D images of cities in which live around 300 million of people. Continue reading
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New service at Google Play available on Spain

Last friday Google released the new service for movies rental on Play Store.

You can rent a lot of movies, but I think that the prices are too high for the economical situation that we are suffering now.

The elder movies cost 1,99 €, HD movies cost 3,99 € and SD movies cost 2,99 €.

You have thirty days from the moment of the purchase to watch the movie, and once that you start to watch a movie you have 48 hours to finish.

As I wrote few lines above I think that these prices are too high in order to be a great success, and people that test this new services think in the same way. So I hope that the prices must fall in order to make that this service will be a success.

You can download on your smartphones and tablets with Android the app that allows you to rent movies in the link below:

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Android SDK Tools Revision 19

Few days ago, Google released a new revision of Android SDK tools, this version is only available trough SDK Manager, and not as standalone download as the previous revisions.

The main issue resolved is concerning to some developers that can´t run GPU acceleration on the emulator.

A new revision of Android support package has been released too.

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Google releases a new cloud service, Google Drive

Few minutes ago, Google introduces in our live one new service called Google Drive.

This new service is an updated version of Google Docs, the main features are described below this lines.

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