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How to change the PSU of your computer

Sometimes you need to make some maintenance to your computer, and today I going to show you how to change the PSU of your computer.

Why are you changing the PSU?

As I told you on the previous post on the blog, I have change my graphic card and when I try to play any game, the graphic card requires a lot of power and the computer reboots due to the overload on the PSU.

The graphic card requires a 650W PSU, and I had a 600 W one, so due to the need of change I prefer to take one more powerful. I choose the Urano VX 750W because I have seen a lot of good reviews and fits in the budget.

This PSU has the following connectors:

  • ATX –> 1
  • EPS –> 1
  • SATA –> 6 (3 + 3)
  • PCI Express –> 2 of type 6 + 2
  • MOLEX –> 3
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