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How to change your graphic card – RTX 3060 Ti

Today, I am going to explain you how to change the graphic card of you computer. It so easy that I did not make any video to show the process. I think that with a couple os photos is enough.

Why are you changing the graphic card?

The old graphic card that I had is a GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB memory, that is good enough for me in the past, but currently is very outdated. In addition to that, now I am thinking about make streaming and I need a powerful graphic card that supports playing + streaming at the same time.

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Voicemeeter and Stream Deck Tutorial

On today´s post I am going to explain you how to integrate Voicemeeter and Stream Deck. This integration will allow you to have the complete control of your computer´s audio from the Stream Deck.

What is Stream Deck?

Elgato´s Stream Deck, is a programmable keyboard that will allow you to control a lot of applications and execute complex commands from a physical keyboard.

It also helps you to type in very comples combos of keys only by pressing a single button.

Is use this keyboard to control Affinity Designer, that is the vectorial design software that I use, Affinity Photo or even OBS, the software in which I record the tutorials.

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es StreamDeck-1024x831.jpg
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