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Changes on Y axis – New H , silicone heated bed and linear guides

Today I bring you some improvements for Anet E-10, all of them related with Y axis. I have changed the H, that is the support that sustain the heated bed, I also change the heated bed for a silicone one and finally I have added linear guides to Y axis.

New H

The H is a pillar on the Y axis of a cartesian printer, because is the support of the heated bed.

This is the second time that I have changed this piece, because the stock one is awful and is too soft.

The second one was like a rock, but the weight is too high, almost 500 grams, so the inertial movements were huge and ghosting appeared.

Support for Y axis

The new H´s weight is only 100 grams, so the weight reduction is huge. Continue reading

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