• How to change the PSU of your computer

    Sometimes you need to make some maintenance to your computer, and today I going to show you how to change the PSU of your computer.

    Why are you changing the PSU?

    As I told you on the previous post on the blog, I have change my graphic card and when I try to play any game, the graphic card requires a lot of power and the computer reboots due to the overload on the PSU.

    The graphic card requires a 650W PSU, and I had a 600 W one, so due to the need of change I prefer to take one more powerful. I choose the Urano VX 750W because I have seen a lot of good reviews and fits in the budget.

    This PSU has the following connectors:

    • ATX –> 1
    • EPS –> 1
    • SATA –> 6 (3 + 3)
    • PCI Express –> 2 of type 6 + 2
    • MOLEX –> 3
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  • How to change your graphic card – RTX 3060 Ti

    Today, I am going to explain you how to change the graphic card of you computer. It so easy that I did not make any video to show the process. I think that with a couple os photos is enough.

    Why are you changing the graphic card?

    The old graphic card that I had is a GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB memory, that is good enough for me in the past, but currently is very outdated. In addition to that, now I am thinking about make streaming and I need a powerful graphic card that supports playing + streaming at the same time.

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  • Voicemeeter and Stream Deck Tutorial

    On today´s post I am going to explain you how to integrate Voicemeeter and Stream Deck. This integration will allow you to have the complete control of your computer´s audio from the Stream Deck.

    What is Stream Deck?

    Elgato´s Stream Deck, is a programmable keyboard that will allow you to control a lot of applications and execute complex commands from a physical keyboard.

    It also helps you to type in very comples combos of keys only by pressing a single button.

    Is use this keyboard to control Affinity Designer, that is the vectorial design software that I use, Affinity Photo or even OBS, the software in which I record the tutorials.

    La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es StreamDeck-1024x831.jpg
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  • Update: Printed parts for Voron

    As you can see on a previous post on the spanish comments, there is a comment that said that the use of PLA for Voron´s printed parts is not recommended. And as I told to the user, here is my update on this post

    So, do you recommend the use of PLA for printed parts?

    If you are going to put the cabinet closed, my advice is NOT using PLA for printed parts, instead the use of Ingeo 870. The reason in that inside the cabinet with the heated bed on, and the nozzle at more than 200º C, the temperature is too high and PLA will melt.

    If you have the cabinet open (like I do), I don´t recommend the use of PLA, but is less dramatic. In fact I currently have my parts printed on PLA. But I am goingo to order a new set of parts made of ABS.

    What material do you recommend?

    As the printer´s creators said, the best performance is reached by using ABS or ABS +, unless due to the hicg temperature inside the cabinet there are some problems too with the use of ABS.

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