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Changes on Y axis – New H , silicone heated bed and linear guides

Today I bring you some improvements for Anet E-10, all of them related with Y axis. I have changed the H, that is the support that sustain the heated bed, I also change the heated bed for a silicone one and finally I have added linear guides to Y axis.

New H

The H is a pillar on the Y axis of a cartesian printer, because is the support of the heated bed.

This is the second time that I have changed this piece, because the stock one is awful and is too soft.

The second one was like a rock, but the weight is too high, almost 500 grams, so the inertial movements were huge and ghosting appeared.

Support for Y axis

The new H´s weight is only 100 grams, so the weight reduction is huge. Continue reading

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Improvement package for Anet E-10: X axis and original E3D

You can see each improvement below this line:

X axis improvement

I think that this is an essential improvement, because is a two in one improvement. You have a more stable x axis structure, and you change the stock carriage.

You can download the STL files here, and has been made by a partner on Anet E-10 telegram group. He takes in consideration all our suggestions, one example, is to design the right holder with holes, that is very useful if you have a dipstick longer than the recommended one.

You can see the result here:

Mejora Anet Eje X

To mount this improvement on your printer you need:

  • 8 mm dispticks with a length of 334 mm (I had dipsticks of 355 mm)
  • Igus linear rods, this kind of rods have two advantages comparing with ball bearing rods, the first one is the noise and the second one is that Igus rods are self lubricated.
  • Two M4 screw of 6,50 mm lenght and two T-nuts
  • GT2 Timing Belt of 80 cm lenght.
  • One long M4 screw for the Z axis endstop.
  • One long M3 screw for the X axis belt tensioner and two more to fix the hotend to the new carriage, you also need two nuts.
  • Print the pieces of the design

Very important: The pieces are designed to use an E3D of 62 mm lenght, if you use anothe one, the layer fan could not make its work properly.

You can see bellow a calibration cube:

Cubo Anet Eje X

Original E3D v6 full metal

I have bought the hotend o a massive purchase organised on SpainLabs

I also bought a hardened steel nozzle, bout the price of it is very expensive.

When you mount it, you can feel the quality of its components. There are some details that I  love:

  • Molex connectors fot the fan and the thermistor, that allow a quick replace in case of issue.
  • Thermistor cartridge, is very good to forget the scare to put the thermistor out of place in the middle of a print.
  • PTFE clip holder, say goodbye to the neumatic plugs that are broken easily.


Anet E3d

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Anet E-10: First printings

After the previous post about the asembly of Anet E-10, today I am writeing a new post about the first printings that I have made.

Anet E-10 start up

The start up was vey simple comparing with the delta one. Hotbed leveling is very easy with this kind of printers.

I have some problems to put the filament inside the hotend, but once that it was inside the printer works perfectly.

The printer comes with Cura and Repetier software inside the included pen drive incluido, but I use Simplify 3D and I found a profile for the Anet on internet, and I have used it.

Another thing that surprised me is the fault of a firmware to update the motherboard, because the siftware is already installed on it.

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