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3D scanner with Kinect – How I made my mini-me

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Looking on Internet I try to find the easiest way to make a 3D scanner.

How many options did you find?

Mainly I found two ways for making a homeade 3D scanner:

  1. The first one is to print a rotative platform, and use the cell phone in order to take photos while the platform is rotating. For do that, I found this model, and I started to printing it. The problem is the size of some of the parts, that are bigger than I can print. In addtion to that, you must use a software that merge the photos in order to obtain the 3D model like Autodesk 123D Catch. Another disadvantage is that you can only use this kind of scanner with small pieces.
  2. After digging more deeply, I found two programs that allow you to use Xbox 360 Kinect in order to scan 3D models. I am going to explain this option on the lines below.

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Slicer comparative – What is the best?

What is a slicer?

A slicer is the program that split your 3D model on layers. As you surely know one 3D printer builds the model by putting one layer on antoher one.

There are free slicer?

Of course, I started to used a couple of them and in the beginning I was very happy using them, in the lines below I am going to talk a little bit about them.

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Filamento flexible – Primeras impresiones

Cómo imprimir con filamento flexible y no volverte loco en el intento

Tras hacer muchos ajustes en la impresora y probar varias cosas, he decidido dar el paso al material flexible.

En concreto estoy haciendo pruebas con el material FlexiSMART de la compañía FFFWORLD, una empresa española que tiene su sede en Álava.

Este material lo tenía planeado usar para hacer carcasas de móviles y cosas parecidas, pero de momento ya que no sabía como iban a salir las pruebas he optado por algo más sencillo, unos llaveros de palas de pádel (otra de mis pasiones).

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