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Anti-vibration dumps for padel rackets

Today I come back to the blog to show you an anti-vibration dumps designed by me. So I come back writing about two of my passions, padel and 3D printing.

Why do you have designed these anti-vibration dumps?

One of the most suffered injuries when you play a racjet sport is the epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow. This injury is related with inflamation of the tendons that are inserted on a part of the elbow. And injury become worst with the vibrations of the racket when hitting the ball.

To solve this issue there are some solutions:

  • Play with rackets made with soft rubber (soft-eva o foam), but you lose some power when you hit the ball.
  • Decrease the vibrations that come to the arm using anti-vibration dumps.

There are some solutions on the market, like K-Tech anti-vibration dumps, but I want to design my own one to test them. Continue reading

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My first design – Support for mounting E3D v6 on Anet E-10

First of all I am crazy about E3D v6 hotend. For this reason, after watching the stock hotend mounted on the Anet E-10, I decided to design my first piece for 3D Printing.

What software have you used?

To design this object I used Tinkercad, that is a tool developed by Autodesk , is very easy to use and is cloud base, so you do not need to install any software on you computer.

The main idea of this software is to merge simple objects to create more complex things.

Tinkercad E3D para Anet e-10 Continue reading

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Anet E-10: First printings

After the previous post about the asembly of Anet E-10, today I am writeing a new post about the first printings that I have made.

Anet E-10 start up

The start up was vey simple comparing with the delta one. Hotbed leveling is very easy with this kind of printers.

I have some problems to put the filament inside the hotend, but once that it was inside the printer works perfectly.

The printer comes with Cura and Repetier software inside the included pen drive incluido, but I use Simplify 3D and I found a profile for the Anet on internet, and I have used it.

Another thing that surprised me is the fault of a firmware to update the motherboard, because the siftware is already installed on it.

Continue reading

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Leon3D PLA Filament – Leroy Merlin´s filament test

After sseing this filament (Leon3D) in Leroy Merlin several times, I bought one kilo of PLA filament to test it.


The filament comes in a regular box with some windows to see its color.

It comes in a vaccum sealed bag with a packet of silical gel inside.

Rolling of Leon3D filament

As I am familiar with FFF World Optiroll rolling method, Leon3D rolling seems to be worse that Optirool one.

But until now, I have not any issues with the rolloing of the filament while I am printing.

You can see a photo of the coil here.

Coil PLAN Leon3D Continue reading

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