Chemical post processing (I)- Ethyl Acetate & PLA


Post Processing

After looking for information at Internet, I have realised my first attempt of 3D model post processing. For doing that I have bought some ethyl acetate.

What ethyl acetate is?

Ethyl acetate is a solvent used on the painting industry. But there are more uses for this product, the most amazing for me is that is part of the wine. It is used on the cosmetic instry too.

What kind os safety measures may I take to use it safely?

First of all, use security goggles because the fumes could irritate your eyes. You must use a mask in order to protect your lungs, and like other solvents, is good to wear security gloves, because the repetitive contact with your skin could damage it. Of course, you must use it on well ventilated areas.

Where did you bought it?

After looking on some hardware stores near my home (Leroy  Merlin & Bricomart), I found one store near Alonso Martínez that is called Mezcla Perfecta. The cost of one liter of ethyl acetate is 5,40€, and if you can go to teh shop (very nice people and interesting shop) you save the delivery expenses.

How did you used it?

To commit the first test, I made the simplest, only submerge one piece of PLA on ethyl acetate. In order to do that, I fill a glass of water with ethyl acetate, and then I put the figure on it for 25 seconds.

How are the results?

After taking out the piece, the first I saw was the pigment of PLA was dissolving. So there are some white zones on the treated object. Another thing that I felt, was that PLA became flexible, but this behaviour dissappears when the solvent is dry.

Finally, I let you a couple of photos to show the results.

Comparativa Acetato vs No acetato


Modelo sin tratar

Modelo sin post procesado

Tratado con acetato

Modelo tratado con acetato

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