My tribute to Ignacio Echeverría – Skateboard hero


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modelo angel héroe

Ignacio Echeverría was a hero that made something than only a few people is capable to do. He gave his life to save to others. Due to his heroic action a lot of people save their lives on the attacks that occurred last Saturday on London.

This is a little tribute to remind him for a long time, something less ephemeral than a tweet or a post on Facebook.

What do you do as tribute for this hero?

I consider that Ignacio acted like an angel for a lot of people that were on the Borough Market zone, so I try to mix this angel behaviour with one of his hobbies, the skateboard.

What models do you use?

As a base, I use a kneeling angel that is located on the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, you can find the model here.

fot the skaetboard I found a model on myminifactory that is good enough for the use that I planned, the link to the model is  here.

How do you do the merge?

I have used Autodesk Meshmixer as tool for merge the two models, and after looking some tutorials on internet, I have been able to merge the models after some modifications.

What is the result?

You can see below an screeshot of the model as made:

modelo angel héroe

Did you print the model?

Sí, ya he realizado una impresión del modelo con los siguientes parámetros:

  • Layer Height > 0,2 mm
  • Infill Percentaje -> 20%
  • Material -> PLA PrimaSelect at 210ºC & 60º hotbed
  • Supports-> Yes

Below this line you can see a couple of photos of the result.

impresión homenaje héroe 1 impresión homenaje héroe 2


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