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Parte delantera del Moai

Today I bring you an office item, a tape dispenser, with the shape of a Moai. It also served me as a test for a new filament type for me, PLA Tech from FFF World.

Where did you find the object?

I search a unique ibject for the office and I found it here.

What kind of filament did you use to print the moai?

For this object I have tried a new filament for me, called PLA Tech in red color from FFF World .

As usual, when I use some filaments from this brand it was a pleasure, the package was perfect. It comes in a vaccum sealed bag with the filament and a silica gel inside. In addition to that, this time comes with some test filament that the company will release soon.

The width of the filament is constant and the roll the filament with an own technology called Optiroll in order to avoid knots.

What print parameters did you use?

For this printing I have use the following parameters:

  • Hotend tempetaure: 210º C
  • Hot bed temperature: 60º C
  • Layer Height: 0,2 mm
  • Supports: Yes
  • Layer fan from second layer
How about the results?

The printing process was ok, and this is one of the longest print I ever done.

The problem came at the end of the printing process, because the height of the object is very high, and the spider with the hot-end almost boiling crashed with the object, making a pretty hole on it 😛

You can see the crashing at the end of this video.

The printing od the bar that support the tape roll was successful as you can see on the video below:

Here, you can see a couple of photos of the final result.

Parte delantera del Moai Parte trasera del Moai

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