Improvements for Anet E-10 (Fan Shroud, Hotbed protector and more)


3D Printer 3D Printing Anet E-10 Improvements
Improvements - Fan Shroud

I have bought a new 3D printer, Anet E-10, and I will write a new post about it soon.

You can buy it here and with the dicount code ANET10 the price is very affordable.

The printer is new, so, why you put some improvements on it?

The printer is ok, but there are a hugh amount of users that already have ir, and they are designing a lot of improvements every day in order to improve the quality of printing.

Today I am going to show you one package of improvements, and in a few days I will show another one.

Fan Shroud for Anet E-10

As I can see on YouTube channel “The Maker 3DP“,the fan shroud is not well designed, because it cools to much the hotend.

In order to solve this issue I found this design on thingiverse and it seems that solve this problem.

I have printed it on PETG and ABS, you can see the result on ABS.

Ventilador Anet E-10

Cable strain relief for hotbed

This improvemnt is to avoid the connectors of the hotbed being exposed.

With this protector we can solve some issues, like dust problems or even burn your skin. In addition to that, the connectors have less stress.

You need a couple of M3 screws in order to fit the two parts.

I found the protector here and is printed in PETG.

Protector Hotbed Anet E-10

Beltlock for Y-axis belt for Anet E-10

With this design, what we try is to disipate the tension of the belt on the beltlock itself, instead on the structure of the hotbed pillar.

With this improvement, the stability of the structure is better and the beltlock too.

Belt Lock for Anet E-10 Belt Lock for Anet E-10

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