More improvements for Anet E-10 (Endstops and belt tensioners)


3D Printer 3D Printing Anet E-10 Improvements
Improvements - Belt tensioner X Axis

After the first post about improvements for Anet E-10, you can see here the second.

This post is focused on the improvements on the axis, specially on the endstops and belt tensioners.

Improvements for endstops

 Adjustable endstop for Z axis

This improvement allows us to adjust easily the enstop for Z axis, making easier to set the height od hotbed in case we want to print over something that is on the hotbed.

You can find the design here and is printed on ABS. You need a M3x25 screw in order to ajust the endstop properly.

Mejoras -Final carrera eje Z

Endstop for X axis

As I can see in some reviews the X axis endstop is not located properly and this improvement solve this issuea.

You can download STl file from this link and I also printed it on ABS.

Mejoras - Final Carrera Eje X Mejoras - Final Carrera Eje X

Improvements of belt tensioners

Belt tensioner for X axis

This improvement allows you to set easily the tension of the belt that moves the prineter on X axis.

In found the object here and I printed it, in part on ABS and part onPLA.

Mejoras - Tensor correa eje X

Belt tensioner for Y axis

With this improvement, like the previous one, you can improve the adjust of the tension of the belt, and this causes more precision on Y axis.

You can find the design here and is also printed on PLA.

Mejoras - Tensor correa eje Y

Obviously, I will add a relay for the heat bed as I made with Geeetech printer.

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