Leon3D PLA Filament – Leroy Merlin´s filament test


3D Printing Filaments
Coil PLAN Leon3D

After sseing this filament (Leon3D) in Leroy Merlin several times, I bought one kilo of PLA filament to test it.


The filament comes in a regular box with some windows to see its color.

It comes in a vaccum sealed bag with a packet of silical gel inside.

Rolling of Leon3D filament

As I am familiar with FFF World Optiroll rolling method, Leon3D rolling seems to be worse that Optirool one.

But until now, I have not any issues with the rolloing of the filament while I am printing.

You can see a photo of the coil here.

Coil PLAN Leon3D

Printing parameters

To perform the tests I have used the parameters that I used for printing with other brands of PLA:

  • Hotend temperature -> 200 ºC
  • Hot bed temperature -> 60 ºC

With this parameters and hair spray I get very good results on printing.

Some examples of printing with Leon3D PLA

In order to perform the test I use some spanish football items to print:

Keychain of Betis badge

I found this model on thingiverse, I have printed it bigger than the original for a coworker.

Betis Badge Leon3D

As you can see on the photo, the adherence between layers is very good.

Layer adhesion Leon3D

Atlético de Madrid Badge

I made antoher test with the badge of my favourite football team. But with the old badge, no the new one.

Here you can see that the filling pattern is very good.

Atleti Infill

And here, the final result.

Atleti Badge Leon3D


My first impression with this filament is very good, is not a top filament, but it has good quality and is cheap and easy to obtain.

You can buy it on Leroy Merlin and the web page of the brand is here.

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