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As you can see on a previous post on the spanish comments, there is a comment that said that the use of PLA for Voron´s printed parts is not recommended. And as I told to the user, here is my update on this post

So, do you recommend the use of PLA for printed parts?

If you are going to put the cabinet closed, my advice is NOT using PLA for printed parts, instead the use of Ingeo 870. The reason in that inside the cabinet with the heated bed on, and the nozzle at more than 200º C, the temperature is too high and PLA will melt.

If you have the cabinet open (like I do), I don´t recommend the use of PLA, but is less dramatic. In fact I currently have my parts printed on PLA. But I am goingo to order a new set of parts made of ABS.

What material do you recommend?

As the printer´s creators said, the best performance is reached by using ABS or ABS +, unless due to the hicg temperature inside the cabinet there are some problems too with the use of ABS.


    1. Mr. Appz Post author

      Hi Nico, It is not recommended, but I have the printer parts printed with PLA and I have the printer open, without panels and I don´t have any issues with the material. But I´m printing only PLA, if you use the heated bed and you close the printer with the panels you will have some melting problems with PLA printed parts.

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