• Voron Electronics Setup (I)

    What electronics has been used?

    For the Voron there are two electronics options supported by the community, RAMPS plus Raspberry using Klipper as firmware, and the other one is Duet with its expansion (Duex)

    I take the Duet by some reasons:

    • I knew the board
    • Integrated drivers are awesome
    • Is very easy to changes thing on the fly without need of compile a new firmware.
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  • Printed parts for Voron 2.1

    Today I am going to write about printed parts for Voron 2.1.

    First of all, there are a lot of parts to be printed. It took me about 200 printing hours and almost 2,5 kg of filament.

    voron printed parts

    What kind of material did you use?

    I have printed the parts with improved PLA filament, Ingeo 870.

    According to the manufacturer specifications, after one “baking” procedure, that you can make on your oven, the filament crystalize and have similiar properties to ABS.

    I did not make the oven procedure, but I hope that the parts are good enough. I have used this material on the printed improvements made for Anet printer, and the behavior is excellent. Continue reading

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  • Adjustable feet for Anet E-10

    Today I bring you a new design for put adjustable feet to our printers.

    Why I need adjustable feet?

    I don´t know if this is you case, but my printer is not as stable as I want and I need to adjust the feet with some external things. This is the reason because I have designed this part.

    What do I need?

    This is a low cost improvement, you will need:

    • STL file, that is located on Thingiverse
    • Silent block kit for air condioniting model SG-40, it cost about 2,5 € at Leroy Merlin
    • 4 M8 nuts, in addition to the 4 that comes with the kit
    • 16 M4 SHCS screws 10 mm lenght.
    • 16 M4 Tnuts 20 profile.

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  • New printer in construction – Voron 2.1

    First of all, I wish you a happy Christmas. Today I start a new series of post about the new printer that I am building right now,  Voron 2.1.

    Features of Voron 2.1

    • It is a Core XY printer with fixed bed plate, I like that because the movement of the bed plate is one of the things that worried me on the cartesian printers.
    • 2020 aluminium extrusion profile, so is cheaper than other similar options.
    • It has 4 independient motors for Z axis, so it will adjust very precisely.
    • It is a closed printer with a carbon filter, so you can print ABS without problems.
    • The dimensions of the printer are relatively small, it is a cube of  50 cm,  for a bed plate of 350×350 mm
    • It use linear guides and belts.

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  • Changes on Y axis – New H , silicone heated bed and linear guides

    Today I bring you some improvements for Anet E-10, all of them related with Y axis. I have changed the H, that is the support that sustain the heated bed, I also change the heated bed for a silicone one and finally I have added linear guides to Y axis.

    New H

    The H is a pillar on the Y axis of a cartesian printer, because is the support of the heated bed.

    This is the second time that I have changed this piece, because the stock one is awful and is too soft.

    The second one was like a rock, but the weight is too high, almost 500 grams, so the inertial movements were huge and ghosting appeared.

    Support for Y axis

    The new H´s weight is only 100 grams, so the weight reduction is huge. Continue reading

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